Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthdays, Family, Games

Well, here's another catch up. Over the past couple months we've had some fun.  Though it's been pretty normal quiet fun.

I had my birthday! Another year older. I don't feel any different. But it was a nice day.  It was a Sunday, so that meant we went to church.  I played the piano to accompany the ward choir, taught our primary class, and then we went home and Bradford made brownies.  My family came over, all of them that live in the immediate area, and we ate those tasty brownies Bradford made with some cookies n cream ice cream.

It was also Easter Sunday/General Conference weekend. Sadly, I got rather sick that weekend.  So I did end up sleeping through a chunk of Conference.  But I've been working on reading those talks I missed, as well as re reading all of the ones I didn't.
found on
I finished that afghan! It looks great, and is so big.  But I'm so happy with it.  The only thing is it's getting to be rather warm here already. So I only use it late at night or early in the morning to cover my toes. 
We also got a new game from some friends of ours before they moved out of state.  We've played it a ton, it's a lot of fun! It's called 7 Wonders.  In it you try and get the most points by completing your wonder, and gathering as many points as you can by getting cards that add to your "city". 
Yesterday a bunch of my family got together for my cousin's birthday.  It was a special one because he turned twelve, and was also set apart as a Deacon. So we all went to church with them and were there as he got recognized for finishing his Faith in God, bore his testimony of Christ, and got ordained a Deacon. Then we all went back to their home and had food, and celebrated his birthday.  It was a great day!

We all talked, ate, and played games.  And many of us took naps throughout the afternoon. There was a point when I was surrounded (and trapped) by napping people.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pictures, Catch Up, New Year

Well it is a new year. In fact it has been for over a month now, and I have yet to post anything on here...Whoops...

We've have some fun times of late.  I believe since I posted last we took a road trip across the country to spend Christmas with Bradford's family. Had our second anniversary. Celebrated New Years with mine. And Bradford started his last semester of school!

We've been trying to do some fun, non school related activity each week together. To keep both of us from going crazy with me doing all I can to not be distracting from homework, and him having to deal with homework.

Here are pictures as seen on Instagram that document these past few months, and all of the picture worthy things we've done.

Couldn't have been Christmas time without watching Star Wars by the light of the Christmas Tree.
Bradford took me to see Christmas Around the World. A fun folk dance show that happens the end of Fall Semester each year.
Driving across the country. Long days in the car. But luckily we didn't have many issues with weather.
Our anniversary was in the middle of our travels. So we had a fairly quiet celebration before we left.

 Had a blast with Bradford's family. All eight of Bradford and his siblings fit under that quilt during an exciting game of sardines.
 Went to the zoo! Nice thing about going in the winter is there isn't as many people so you can get right up close to see the animals.
Saw the light show.
I've been doing a lot of crocheting and knitting.  Here was one of my many Christmas projects, and Owen's Christmas present that he is modeling. The brothers have been playing Minecraft and loving it.
Watched the Buckeyes win the National Championship.
Had a dance party with some of my cousins.
And just some general silliness with my sisters at family Sunday dinners.
And for our Saturday date afternoon we went and explored a fun bookstore that's not too far from our place.  Where we ended up buying a few more books to add to our ever growing collection.
And when Bradford is working on homework, I watch Netflix and work on yarn project no. 6. An afghan. I am about halfway done (it's going to be a nice big one that we can share) but it's now big enough for me to use while working on it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Birthday, Football, Conference

We had a wonderful weekend! I love General Conference weekend, and I hoped everyone watched. It was wonderful.

We had friends over at our apartment the whole weekend to watch Conference. We loved it. We also had discussions on the different themes we felt came up in the talks. I love how much we can get from the talks, on such personal levels. If you haven't watched or listened or even read them yet please do! Go to and right there on the main page it says "In case you missed Conference".  Click on that and it will take you to all of the wonderful talks from all of the sessions.

During the sessions to keep my hands busy and my mind focused I worked on little projects, and finished one completely! Take a gander at my new slippers.
Between sessions on Saturday we went to the park around the corner and enjoyed the warm fall weather for a bit. We had a lot of fun. But sadly, Bradford's boomerang got lost in a tree. We tried to find it, but it got lost in the dense foliage. We'll have to get a new one, but he was pretty bummed about it.
Also, last week was Dad's birthday! So we went over and had root beer floats to celebrate with my family.  Grandpa was in town visiting so we got to spend a little bit of time with him too. And Sidney showed him what a selfie is.
It was fun visiting with all of my family. I ended up taking a ton of goofy selfies with Sidney after she took one with Grandpa.
There was also a football game last week.

I think you'll notice something different in this Game Day picture than the rest.
I went to the game with my Dad! Bradford decided he wanted to get his homework done before General Conference so he wasn't worrying about it during the sessions, so he decided he would skip out on the game Friday night.  Plus, he knew that Dad is a big BYU football fan. So, as part of his birthday present, he gave Dad his ticket.

We had a nice time at the game, even though it was a bit of a disappointing loss...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Football, Temple, Birthday

More fun in our house!

Well first. We went to another football game. This one was in the afternoon however, instead of the evening. And it was hot. That day decided it wanted to be more like summer again instead of fall, and we got sun burned.
At the start of the game before we both got roasted.
I was super toasty red. It even got Bradford.
A picture showing the funny line on my neck from my tshirt I wore at the game, and my face.
We also had a family dinner up at my Grandma's house. While we were there, my sister hijacked my phone. And you know what that means, that means lots of pictures of her making silly faces.

Also a bunch of random candid shots of people. A lot of them strangely of me. She was really entertained by my sunburn.

We also went to the temple together. I took a family name with me. We always leave the temple feeling so relaxed and happy. I'm so grateful to have one so close by. It was also wonderful because the next day was the Ogden Temple Dedication. It was a weekend full of the temple, and it definitely added to my testimony of the Temple being a holy place.

Then today is Bradford's birthday! We both had to work today, so in the morning while Bradford was at work, I cleaned the house and made sure everything was nice for him. And then this afternoon while I was at work, Bradford checked out his presents that he opened while we ate lunch.
Surrounded by his gifts and brown paper wrappings.
This is what I came home to find. He got a bunch of dice from his dad, and he sorted them all.
Then this evening we went to Tucanos, and had all you can eat meat. He decided he didn't want to do a cake or big desert this year. Instead, the two of us out on a date for dinner. And he signed himself up for the Tucanos birthday special. Super tasty, and our bellies are still extremely full. I had been there before, but it was Bradford's first time, and he really enjoyed it!
Love this guy. He never fails to make me laugh. Happy Birthday Bradford!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Football, Family, Books

I don't know if you know it, but college football has started again. And this last week was the first home game!

We have season tickets again this year, so it was the first of many games that we'll be going to. Donovan and Janie got tickets as well, so they'll be our football buddies.

Donovan sadly was gone for the weekend for a field trip for a class, so Janie brought her brother John with her instead. The four of us had a lot of fun.
Funny face selfies.
The season is changing, and definitely starting to act like fall.  Which has made it very pleasant during the day, but as soon as it gets dark, it can get a bit chilly. There was a little bit of wind too during the game, so we were all glad for our sweatshirts as the game went on into the night.
Janie hiding her face in the top of her jacket to try and keep her nose warm.
Since the game was on September 11th, there were little messages from soldiers throughout the game. And we did a card stunt to create a message across the stands.
We were behind the "W" and the BYU "Y".
Plus we won!

Shannon also went to the game, but she just has the student pass, so she sat in a different section than we did. She had a lot of fun, and we drove her home after the game so that my parents didn't have to try and fight their way through game traffic to pick her up after.
Can you tell we're sisters?
The rest of our weekend we've spent surrounded by books. We've gone to two different libraries, and a bookstore. Just wandering the shelves and finding new treasures to read. And now, we're going to go out and enjoy the pleasant evening outside. Bringing a blanket to spread out on, and some of the books we discovered.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Theater, Hike and Rain

I am loving the weather we've been having lately! It's been raining almost everyday. Which has meant that it's been a little bit cooler. Which is great for us! Our apartment doesn't have air conditioning or a swamp cooler. It is mostly underground, which means that we just get a couple of fans moving, and we do pretty good at keeping cool. But still. Since it's been raining though, I've actually gotten a little cold at night. So our nice comforter is back on the bed. It's lovely.

The only downside to the rain, was how it affected our hiking plans on Saturday. The original plan was to hike to the top of one of the tallest mountains here. But, it was storming all night. So when we got up in the morning, there were still storm clouds all around the mountain, and what we could see of the mountain had snow on it.

We still really wanted to go hiking though, so we went up and did a lower hike, that was also not as long. We were able to hike to some falls and back between bouts of rain.

It was a nice hike, and it was on a trail that Brooke actually hadn't ever been on before.

One exciting thing was the fact that some of the trees were starting to change color, so we could see little bits of orange and yellow on the mountain.

The other fun thing we did last week was go to a play with Grandpa & Grandma Hatch.  They took us, as well as Janie and Donovan, to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers that was done by a local theater group. It was a fun play. And we really enjoyed going.

This week is the last week of summer. Next week Bradford starts school again. So things will quiet down around here so that Bradford can do homework without distraction. But this also means that football is starting, and we have tickets again to all the home games!